Digital Ethics

For the first time ever, one issue has become both the top brand risk and also the top potential brand attribute: The top brand risk is now data security and privacy, while, the top brand attribute is now digital ethics and trust.

Gaining a competitive advantage from digital ethics when things are going well

There is a dividend to be had from establishing digital ethics as a core brand value.
Customers in all sectors, not just tech, want organisations to take a stand on data security and privacy – seeing it as more important than either their diversity or sustainability efforts. If they want to be in tune with their customers, then organisations need to take action on digital ethics and to do so NOW. If they wait until after an incident, it will be too late.
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Protecting your brand from hysteria and misinformation when things aren't going so well

Organisational culture and preparation are the best defence in the event of a calamity, but thes will only ever go so far. So, when you do have a major data leak, outage or breach, and are facing a wave of hysteria and misinformation, who are you going to call? FUD Busters, of course, the world’s only specialist crisis management team with real global credibility and authority in digital ethics (including privacy and security).
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Too many organisations are in denial or are unable to collaborate on digital ethics

There is limited realisation that digital ethics has now become both the top brand risk and also the top potential brand attribute for almost all organisations. Even where some realisation exists, it is frequently either not seen as a priority or there is a lack of effective collaboration between the key functional silos with a role to play here. You have the CMO with the branding and crisis management plan, the CIO with the Information Security Strategy and the CRO with the Privacy Imact Assessment. Are they all aligned? Are they all talking the same language?
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At a time when large global tech brands are being trusted less than ever, establishing digital ethics as a brand value can enable you to become a trusted brand to differentiatie yourself in the market.


Customers are more loyal to trusted brands and are more willing to do business with them. Recent research shows that consumers expect brands to take a stand on digital ethics.


If you or your clients have a major data leak, outage or breach, and there’s hysteria and misinformation, who are you gonna call? FUD Busters of course.


How do you work with key functions to overcome denial and put digital ethics first? Connecting the CMO (branding and crisis management plan), the CIO (Information Security Strategy) and the CRO (Privacy Imoact Assessment).

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